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Tina, Winona State University 


We have been very pleased with the two different orders we have placed recently. The quality of the product and the price are definite drivers in our decisions.

Rachel, Emporia University

Student Involvement

Loved that Cyan Creative double and triple checked image placement on test shirts before fulfilling my order!

Stella, Seattle University


You had great deals and sent us an example of a soft, well-designed T-Shirt. We are beyond excited about our order through Cyan Creative!

Create your own tee

Simply submit your logo and branding to us and we'll screen print it on your desired apparel.

Work with Our Team

Work with our expert team members to create an original t-shirt design. Free artwork on all orders. 

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We create custom one-of-a-kind apparel meant to be loved & shared with the world. 

ship anywhere in the u.s. within 2-3 weeks

Organizations + Events Tees

  • Student Organizations

  • Fundraisers

  • Clubs

  • Resident Assistants

  • Performances

  • Department Apparel

  • Rush Week

  • Retreats

  • Move-in Weekend

  • Homecoming

  • Family Weekend

  • Orientation

Athletics + Alumni Tees

  • Team Apparel

  • Intramural Sports Apparel

  • Coach Tees

  • Recreational Leagues

  • Alumni Reunions

  • Homecoming

  • Scholarship Fundraisers

  • Alumni Groups

  • Spirit Wear


Create Your Custom Tees

Share with us the basics of what you are looking for & let us help find your perfect match!

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